Succeeding Shiva Yoga Peeth

maharishi yoga peeth succeeds shiva yoga peeth
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Succeeding Shiva Yoga Peeth

Shiva Yoga Peeth, one of the best schools for Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, closed their doors for indefinite time. However, their excellent teaching will be continued: we’re happy to announce the opening of our own school – Maharishi Yoga Peeth! After having managed and taught at Shiva Yoga Peeth for many years, successfully training and teaching thousands of aspiring Yoga teachers, we now founded our own school. Maharishi Yoga Peeth stands for excellent quality in teaching and promoting a Yogic lifestyle that will increase mental and physical health as well as love, peace, joy and harmony for everyone.

Welcome to Maharishi Yoga Peeth

If you have been a student of Shiva Yoga Peeth before, you will be happy to find that you already know many of our Maharishi Yoga Peeth teachers. When Shiva Yoga Peeth decided to close their Ashram for indefinite time, we decided to form our own school and refine the syllabus together with some details of the daily routine. So for everyone coming here after already knowing Shiva Yoga Peeth or for everyone coming from a recommondation, be sure to find the same excellent quality of teaching, accomodation, location and diet.

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What our school offers

At Maharishi Yoga Peeth, you can join our 200300 or 500 hours Yoga Teacher Trainings as well as short-term Yoga programs like our 50 or 100 hour Yoga retreats. We will teach all aspects of Yoga like asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, cleansing practices, anatomy, Yoga therapy and ayurveda. Combined with staying at beautiful locations like Rishikesh, Kerala, Goa or Bali, spending time with likeminded people from all over the world and nourishing your body with a healthy sattvic vegetarian diet, our courses will give you a wholistic, lifechanging experience you will never forget.

Join us for a lifechanging experience

No matter whether you’re a Yoga beginner seeking an authentic introduction to Yoga, a practitioner wanting to deepen your practice or whether you’re already a Yoga teacher wishing to extend your knowledge, our courses will leave you more than satisfied. Yoga is so much more than moving around on a mat – if you’re curious to explore, you’ve come to the right spot!

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